Exit Strategy

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A well thought-out exit strategy can help you to maximize the value you get and successfully market your business to potential buyers or investors. Our team is devoted to help you sell your business for the maximum possible price and moving to pastures new.

The skill comes in knowing when to sell. If you hang on too long it may actually damage the business and reduce its value. Ideally, you want to sell when you are at the top of your game – peaked out.

Early planning will ensure that you have the right structures and processes in place to maximise success when conditions are right. Begin with your ultimate goals – the price you wish to achieve and when you want to sell – and then work backwards to how you are going to get there. Your aim is to create a valuable, viable business that is attractive to potential purchasers.

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Getting the basics right is of course important, including sales and customers, brand and reputation, processes and infrastructure, and profits and cash flow. Bear in mind that your business is only worth what the highest bidder will pay. Your view of this may be very different from the view of a prospective buyer, and a business that is heavily dependent on one person, product or customer may be difficult to sell.

If the business is seen to revolve around you as the business owner, it makes the business less attractive and less valuable. A strong management team supported by a strong brand and reputation shows a strength and depth which is attractive to potential buyers.


To be ready to sell, you need 3 key elements:

1. A Plan (How will you price, market, negotiate and close the sale of your business)

2. The Right Resources (A qualified business broker, attorney, accountant, mentor)

3. A Ready Attitude (Are you ready to sell and change your life? )